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To celebrate our bicentenary we have produced an exquisite hand-crafted cabinet containing six legendary Vintage Ports and six exceptional Single Harvest Tawny Ports, including some years which have never been released before.

The cabinet is designed as a unique, timeless piece of furniture. It is made-to-order and only 30 editions are available. If you are interested in commissioning one please contact us directly via the dedicated e-mail address below.



Meticulously designed in partnership with Portuguese master-joiners, WeWood, the cabinet is made from fine-grained Santos Rosewood. Lined with the iconic Graham’s green, the result is enduringly aesthetic yet highly functional.

Also included are a Durand corkscrew for removing corks from mature Vintage Ports and a specially commissioned funnel from Porto’s oldest family-run silversmiths, Ourivesaria Coutinho. The glasses and decanter are from The Jancis Robinson Collection – designed by legendary Master of Wine, Jancis Robinson, and celebrated British designer, Richard Brendon.

As each of the cabinets will be made-to-order, we will be producing and releasing six editions at a time. We are managing a waiting list for interested parties.
If you are interested in acquiring one of the 30 editions of our Bicentenary Collection, please register by email using the button below and a member of our team will be in touch.
GRAHAM’S 1963 Vintage Port

Graham’s produced a superstar wine wonderfully balanced with exceptional richness with intense flavours of plums and cassis all fi¬nished off with magnifi¬cent fi¬rm tannins. With an attractive tawny colour and soft warm tannins, the wine has magnificent aromas of vanilla, eucalyptus and rich flavours of mint. This wine is a true example of Port wine’s ability to age gracefully in bottle, few wines can stand the test of time.

GRAHAM’S 1970 Vintage Port
It shows an extraordinary deep and rich red garnet colour at the heart of the glass, still remarkably youthful. Beautiful lifted floral aromas on the nose, hints of mint and spice with a slight smokiness. On the palate, extremely rich and structured with a vibrancy of tannins, flavours of lovely soft leather and some plummy black fruit flavours. The palate shows perfect harmony that is round and soft yet with grip.
GRAHAM’S 1985 Vintage Port

Inky impenetrable colour, showing trademark Graham’s  opulence. Redolent black fruit, purposeful and focused, firing on all cylinders. A thirty-year old still in its teens. A very fine Vintage with a superb solid backbone fruit. It is beautifully fresh and assertive on the nose. Elegant and harmonious.

GRAHAM’S 1994 Vintage Port

Two decades of bottle ageing have tamed the broad tannins that will nonetheless continue to underpin the wine’s incredible structure for decades to come. The Graham’s 1994 displays superb complexity with layers of ripe, lithe fruit and gorgeous aromas of rock-rose. It is a remarkable example of Graham’s elegance, complexity and balance.

GRAHAM’S 1997 Vintage Port

This wine preserves a garnet core with a brilliant still-purple rim. Lovely fragrant nose combines herbal forest floor essence with hints of eucalyptus, mint and undertones of black cherry. Still big and generous on the palate with finely developed red and black fruit flavours underscored by fine peppery tannins, with a deliciously long and lingering finish.

GRAHAM’S 2011 Vintage Port

The Graham’s 2011 Vintage Port is a profound and complex wine of incredible intensity. Purple-black to the rim, this wine gives fine aromas of blue violets, black China tea and ripe red fruit. On the palate, it offers an initial taste of powerful and vigorous fruit, merging into flavours of bitter black chocolate and fine acidity with balanced structure and ripe tannins. The final flavor is perfectly defined. This wine will age exceptionally, evolving into a delicately balanced and elegant wine in the decades to come.

GRAHAM’S 1961 Single Harvest Tawny
This wine shows a vivid, rich amber colour with a hint of a green tinge on the rim. On the nose an explosion of multiple aromas, a combination of caramel, nuts, hints of vanilla and cigar box. 
Hugely concentrated in the mouth, this wine has a complex palate revealing honeycomb, exotic spices and crystalised orange peel flavours. It shows a delightful orange blossom freshness with a trace of molasses that lingers on the palate.
GRAHAM’S 1976 Single Harvest Tawny
Coppery, amber-brown colour with a pale green rim — a sign of age in old Tawny Ports. On the nose there are luscious scents of honeysuckle, marmalade and English fruit cake. 
Creamy smooth on the palate with layers of rich raisins and caramel, balanced by nutty almond flavours. Delicate citrus undertones provide a freshness that underpins the structure of this graceful wine.
GRAHAM’S 1982 Single Harvest Tawny
Lustrous golden tawny, with an orange-tinted amber rim. The nose is exquisitely aromatic with a magni¬ficent array of vanilla, soft butterscotch and quince, combined with exotic and spicy notes of cinnamon and nutmeg. 
The palate is velvety, with polished definition and elegance. Hints of honey, raisins and caramel, perfectly balanced by a backbone of orange zest acidity and fi¬ne-grained silky tannins. The fi¬nish is long and extraordinarily mellow with a nutty almond fi¬nish that lingers on the palate.
GRAHAM’S 1995 Single Harvest Tawny
Russet, golden-brown colour. Lovely caramel and toffee aromas, hand in hand with delicate walnut notes from the seasoned oak casks. 
On the palate, nuances of marmalade intermingled with ethereal mint flavours. Layers of succulent, mature fruit flavours are full and satisfying although deliciously supple. The long aftertaste confirms the complexity and balance of this seductive wine.
GRAHAM’S 2000 Single Harvest Tawny
Intense orange-brown centre with terracotta coloured rims. On the nose the wine reveals vanilla interspersed with quince, walnuts and traces of caramel. 
Full and quite intense on the palate, the wine shows ripe, red fruit flavours and quenching fig notes. The texture is quite luxurious in this Port that exudes elegance and balance.
GRAHAM’S 2006 Single Harvest Tawny

Terracotta-coloured core with deep brown rims denoting its relative youth. Fresh aromas of ginger are interspersed with hints of mint, tea and toffee apple. On the palate, the ripe fruit flavours deliver a pleasurable viscosity that lingers in the mouth. This is a generous and sumptuous Port with a broad palette of aromas and flavours.